How To Mainatin Leather Products
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 Use it correctly


Always prevent it from colliding and scraping with hard object. Besides, do not put over heavy things in leather handbag to keep it in good shape.



• Daily treatment



It is necessary to rub it with wax in same color. When you are about to wax your leather product, you should spread the wax on sponge instead of the leather product itself.



If the product get wet, it is critical to dry it immediately and place it in a cool place. Also, when cleaning leather product, always keep it away from water and chemicals.


 Leather is an absorptive material


If unfortunately, there is dirtiness on the leather, try using sponge with soft cleaner to wipe gently. But if it is oil stained on it, just slip it off with a dry cloth is okay.


Any leather should never place in the sun


The sunshine would make it dry and cracking. And the explosion would lead its color fading. 

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